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Tips on Driving in a Dust Storm

Climate change has resulted to increase in occurrence of extreme weather events that are noted to be common, dust storms are noted to be common and there is need for the drivers to be aware on how to drive in the event of a dust storm. Drivers have noted driving through a dust storm is noted to be dangerous, hence there are proposed ways to ensure the drivers arrive to their destinations with ease and safely. Motorists are advised when faced with a dust storm there is need for them to ensure they step off the road as early as possible to ensure they stay off the highway, drivers only needs to get back to the highway when they are certain the storm has passed. The moment the driver packs the car far from the highway the next move the driver needs to do is keep the headlights on and ensue the car can be sported from a distance, this guides the ongoing motorists on where to park their cars.

There is need to highlight in the event the dust storm has hit when one is on an emergency lane there is need to ensure the head lights have been turned off and all the interior light turned off to ensure the other motorists do not try to follow the light with assumptions the car is moving. However, it is advocated when the driver still has some visibility there is need to ensure the car has been pulled off the road and the passenger do not try to leave the car as he or she may collide with another object. Drivers need to ensure all the windows have been rolled up and the doors have been tightly shut to ensure there is no dust that gets into the car.

Motorists are advised to ensure the car vents are closed, the objective to close the car vents and filters is to ensure there is no dust that tries to get into the car through the vents as the storm is passing. There is need for the passengers to stay in the car with seat-belts fastened and wait for the storm to pass, the objective to ensure the individuals have the seat belt. In summary, in the event of a dust storm there is need for the passengers in the car to ensure they cover their mount and nose to reduce the amount of dust that one will inhale.

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